Moving Selections In The Sequencer

I’ve always wondered why I couldnt find a function to move a selection forwards or backwards by a set number of ticks, hopefully this isn’t for lack of reading a manual :)

If that isn’t the case I wouldn’t mind seeing something implemented into the advanced edit to achieve this; it gets tiring reprogramming things if I want to make a change somewhere and resampling doesnt give you as much versatility.


Welcome alexstrain :)

Here’s a very long thread that might explain where the state of ideas is at:…9a2b2a6b4af8f30

If implemented (in some form) you will see your desired sliding.

A few suggestions have been made to use some fine-shuffling when dragging using alt-ctrl.

Current behaviour of the 1.6 alphas do not allow this idea.

thx foo

I had a feeling this would have been brushed on somewhere but being dislexic makes it irritating to trawl through forums…

anyway I’d be stoked to see any option in any form that allowed this to be achieved

…i’ve actually been using renoise for nearly two years but have been too much of a tightass to buy it till now - I thought it necessary so I could get up on my soapbox and complain about this issue though because the effort involved in working around it has recently outweighed my reluctance to spend money :)

PS i’m laurencedavies’ mate…

Haha, that won’t get you much kudos :)