Moving With Editstep?

Looking a way to move cursor down more than 1 line at the time in pattern editor.

moves cursor only 1 row down. Sometimes, when typing notes, i would like to move down same amount than editstep value.

Is there a way? Didn’t find it via search.

edit: OK, found it. cmd+shift+arrow. But could it be done somehow with only one key?
edit 2: Yes, the preferences. Never mind.

page down
page up

you can remap edit step move.

Go to preferences > Keys. Select Pattern Editor in the combo box (the list next to the load, save, reset buttons).

Clear the Move to Previous Row and Move to Next Row keybindings. Click on the “Move to Previous Row” and “Move to Next Row” keybindings, click in the box with the current keybinding, push the up and down key respectively and push the “assign” button. Then you can set the Move to Previous/Next row to whatever keys you want (perhaps Shift-Command-arrow key).

Let me know if that helps.