Mp3 Import

so uh i want to import mp3s as samples, i got the plugin and extracted it to the renoise folder… but still no go. any help?

Not all mp3’s can be loaded with that dll. If you search for ‘mp3’ in all forums using the 30 days and older option, you’ll find a few threads about it.

hmm but the problem i’m experiencing is more fundamental…
i extracted the dll to the renoise root but still get the ‘please download decoder/.//’ message. . . . weird.

Weird. So mpglib.dll resides in your X:Renoise folder, and you’re sure that what you’re trying to load is an mp3 file, and not just some other type of file having the extension of one? Does it happen with all mp3’s?

I think it depends on your os which you´re running. For XP users it´s enuough to copy the libary into the Renoise program folder. Win98 users though must copy the dll into their system folder so far I can remember which is normally x:/windows/system or /system32