MP3 portable player

Don’t have time to listen to my music anymore so gotta take it on the move…

I’ve been looking all over for one and can’t decide anymore and I hate it now already :huh:

Does anyone has some recommendation?

goodies required:

  • fast forward/rewind
  • good anti skip protection
  • good sound quality (squeeky bass and muddy highs are not good ;)
  • good batery life (2 hours is not good :angry: )
  • remote control (on headphones wire)
  • ID3 support + LCD (preferrably on remote)

any suggestions? links?

  • ogg support B)

RNS and XM support too :D

(btw, phazze was asking for a brand, a model, a price, not for other features to dream about <_< :) )

apples i-pod maybe …

may be the one which might support ogg first.

ipods are pretty pricy. afaik creative has developed a similar device which is a bit cheaper.

furthermore i would wait for some kind of WinCE based player. i would like to upgrade my player to new codecs and even be able to play divx or something using an imaginary tv-out port. such devices (video-able) are already available, but those are pretty big and dont support videos in high resolution (read: full pal).

so. if you arent in hurry, just sit and wait. something will happen soon imho.

yes pulsar: this is exactly the only thing I would ever buy.

Any other non-upgradable stuff is stupid.

…and stay away from samsung yepp.

I don’t know how they are now but I bought a yepp64 about two yesrs ago and after about 4 months I couldn’t read the text on the buttons anylonger. (Becasue of normal wear and tear…) :angry:

And I got pretty pissed when I tried to use it to move mp3’s from my brothers computer to my own. When I tried to copy the songs to my harddrive the program wouldn’t let me and said that this was illegal because of copyrights and shit…
The songs were made by my brother…

So basicly it was according to samsung illegal for ME to copy MY OWN songs to a different computer… go figure… <_<

I for one will never buy another samsung mp3 player in my life.


Read some reviews now and here’s what I found out:

  • Apple Ipod 20Gb - Slim design - about $500

  • Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen - Best sound on the market - about $300

(you can afford one with all the millions you have made from renoise right? hehehehe)

Considering I bought my yepp64 (that’s 64 Mb of memory =) for $250 here in sweden the creative player is really cheap. It also scored well in all the tests I read.

Ofcourse I could never get it for $300 but that’s because I live in sweden and sweden is probably the most expensive country on earth… =(

And what would my computer harddrive (16Gb) say if I came home with a 20Gb mp3 player? The poor thing would be so ashamed it would kill it… ;)

Sweden is expensive?? A good 80gig HD costs about $140… Well you can’t compare it to USA and Germany I guess, but be glad you don’t live in Norway :)

I got a Phillips Expanium MP3 Discman. Does the job. doesnt skip nut lack of track name support

expanium is one of the first discmans of this kind and today there are better.

i found nice comparison page:

I revamp this oldie because I’ve found a great solution to play OGG files anywhere (f.e. in car):

Neuros players can broadcast audio on FM frequencies, thus allowing you to play MP3/WAV/WMA/OGG files via radio…!!!

They come with 20/30/40GB USB2.0 HDD and there is also an HD+flashcard bundle which allows you to play from both flashcard (with no need to transport the HD) and HDD.

The HD is downward compatible with USB1.1

The Autoscan function searches for a FM frequency available and broadcast on it, then you just have to synthonize your radio receiver and you’ve done.

Seems really smart to me.

20GB costs 249$
20GB+128MBflash costs 279$

Rechargeable NiMH batteries and car adapter included…!!

Looks like there is still one company with a brain :)

the only flaw: looks like there is no way to buy the player with no HD and use a normal USB HD to store the files.

I’m seriously contemplating this one:

Cowon iAudio M3

  • Thin design
  • Digital formats supported ASF,MP3,WAV,WMA,Ogg Vorbis
  • It records (!) FM Radio, if need be
  • Fast USB 2.0 filetransfer
  • Around 10 hrs battery life (iAudio claims 13)

And more. Read the review. :D

Just a quickie: I write for the Dutch edition of ZDNet (amongst other things) and am currently testing the above player for a review. And my first indication is that though the sound is great, the navigation and stability is not.

I’m steering clear of this one and probably will go for the iPod Mini (if it ever becomes available :angry: )

I don’t know where you buy your HD’s but that is what I pay for a 160GB disk with 8MB cache… and I live in sweden aswell ;)
Here is a shop that is located about 500 meters from where I live:
HITACHI DESKST.160GB 8Mb 7200r 8MB, 967,50 SEK inc moms = $131

Hey don’t hate on the Yepp. :o

I have the Samsung Yepp 256 model and it’s great. I use it to make bootlegs of concerts I go to all the times (record at 128kbps max). it also has radio as well. The bass is pretty good when you turn on WOW as well.

The only draw back I would say would be switching songs. To switch songs you gotta turn the nob, but I’m gonna switch my model with the new flatmodel that has just come out.

All in all I can’t comment on the old yepps, but the new ones are really good. I’ve dropped it in the toilet and it still works! YAY!

Well, for recommendations I’d go no further than iRiver! I have the imp 550 MP3 discman, and it’s nothing short of fantastic!! Sound is great, battery exellent and it is firmware-upgradable, and has some experimental OGG-support which WILL improve later on! :)

It has all of which you mentioned above, and isn’t too expensive either. Link to the player

They produce harddisk-players as well so you should find something you like there. Top of the line!! :)

I’ve got the imp-150 and it kills me having no ogg-support :(
But all in all I go with sagosen. The iRiver reads every CD! still after 2 years of work, the FEC is quiet good, it’s upgradable, you can do a lot of settings and it’s as intelligent as you know it from expensive brands usually.
Lowering Bass on high volume to avoid distortions (setable on/off), id3-tag v1+2, navigator for directories and sub-directories, very good batterry-usage (more than 12 hours with 2000mAh), very good anti-shock if you listen to plain cd’s, nice configurable EQ, password (setable) aaaaaAAAND: snake/nibbles for the oldschool sceners :)
nah, not very useful but indeed very amusing.

How about a JOS MP-130? (information about the -130 is only available in Swedish though, as this thingie is pretty new on the market)

Weight: 42 grams
File-support: Mp3, WMA, OGG
Built-in radio: Yes
Voice recording: Yes
Battery type: built-in 520mAh Li-ion
Playback time: 18 hours (25 on FM radio)

Comes with 128, 256 and 512 MB of flash memory.
It is black, and slick, and cool looking… And I want one now.

I’ve finally bought my Neuros and I’m really happy with it!! :drummer:

20GB of MP3/OGG/WAV/WMA available on everything which has an FM radio receiver! Upgradable firmware! Good battery duration! Good support! And not that expensive after all…

Looks like the ReNoise of portable players :)