Mp3 Upload

a lot of dudez upload mp3z that you can download directly(ie without jumpin to other urlz) by clickin on a link

how can i upload an mp3 and put a direct link in my post?

i inserted the topic twice,i apologise

its seems i’m TOO smart with technology

This post freaks me out to no end.

awww, neither i do know :panic:

i really tried but i’m just unable to see why my question is THAT stupid.

i’m new to the internet and don’t know of any hosting sites(which fullfill my question).Anyway, since i just came out of the hospital and there’s no saturday night fun pour moi, i’m trying to figure this out tonight :yeah:

i see three guys dropped by to leave a comment,thank you for your time :)


it’s just the “niggaz” that threw me off, not the question itself.

do you see buttons above the text area? hover the mouse cursor over them, the globe is a button for inserting links.

or: ```

I recommend googlesites for this.
signup for a gmail account:

once that is done,

then go to:

do the create new site
pick a name for your site and do this:
“Create new page”
as a “File cabinet”.
Then click “Add file” and “Choose file” you’d like to upload.
After you have finished uploading, right click on your mp3 file and copy its link/URL.

after that you put link/url in the link container like Johann wrote.

wow sorry, I’m an idiot. I must have overlooked the thread title ^_^

and yeah, google sites is neato elito… you have 100mb per site and as many sites as you want, all with one login on superfast servers… pretty hard to beat I guess.

Using rapidshare is the only way that you can do if you don’t have a homepage for a direct link.

Well, clearly this is not true at all. There are tons of services other than Rapidshare, all with different rules, so a person should definitely look around first before making their choice.

These days, I see that most musicians go with more specialised sites anyway, such as SoundCloud - - which provides hosting and your own profile page, lets people comment on your work (including at specific moments in time within the song), lets you embed a player into your own site/blog/whatever, lets other people easily share/promote your song, lets people download the original mp3, etc, etc. So I think something like this would be a much better option than simply using a basic file hosting service like Rapidshare.

Last FM - - is another very similar site which has been around longer, and is therefore perhaps a bit more well-established within the community. It’s a bit more general, in that it’s more about the experience of letting people know about the tracks you listen to, and then discovering other new music by browsing suggestions the site makes to you, and based on the stuff your friends listen to, etc., but they do also provide some hosting for your own songs, and they also have an interesting royalty payment program if you want to explore that.

Another great site is Virb - - which is a kind of social site that is heavily focused on creative people. Musicians, photographers, film makers, etc. They provide a number of different profile types aimed at each category, and each category allows different specialised modules to be customised for your page. They provide hosting for your content, embedded players on your profile, etc. The user interface is quite slick and friendly, and there are tons of customisation options available, and it can also import feeds from other sites you might use, such as your blog, Youtube/Vimeo, etc., so your Virb profile can also act as a nice centralised location for other content you are producing.