MPC Beats... the free "DAW"

Anyone tested it?

I Have…

Twice now I’ve signed up to get, two different email addresses, and have yet to receive anything.

Apparently I’m not alone in this.

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Have you tested from a desktop!? Instead of a smartphone!?

OK one of my requests finally got a response. Only took 24 hours to get an automated email.

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oh, i’ve never saw that they’ve released free version. Cool!
tho i own the full one that i’ve got with mpc studio

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I just LOVE the LCD in there too…

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yeah, lcd is the thing. i use it to make stuff, just by using lcd on the mpc itself - pc display off!
here are some beats completely from mpc:

django1 has some orchestra as well sequenced apart from samples
contemp - no samples, just from content of the mpc instruments + drum break ofc :stuck_out_tongue:

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ill check your beats in a minute, looking forward. yeah, love the display only…

Dajateko!!! Man!!!

Im still on the first one… @dspasic

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@dspasic april fools!!!