Mpc Guru

Hi, I’m considering a MPC in order to jam live with friends and I’d like to talk with someone who has experience with one or more MPC devices, I’m considering a cheap blue MPC 1000.

I know that it doesn’t do much than ableton live + controller, however sometimes I want to get away from the software interface…

I’d like to know if it’s possible that once you get some kind of drum loop running to sample a musician, then chop and map what you recorded and reorganise that new sample while the musician plays something else… all that of course, in a jam environnement…

Also, is it possible to play over a recorded loop and only hear what you play over it (like if you have a drum loop in which you want to include occasional fills…

I heard the pads on the MPC 1000 are horrible, really??

Can’t remember exactly what it was about the MPC1000 pads now but some units had OK pads, some didn’t. can’t remember if it was the oldest ones that were OK (I think that’s what it was) and I know they released a pad upgrade but it isn’t cheap and pretty much everywhere was sold out a year or so ago when I was looking at these things (got an MPC2500 I don’t use so much, since getting a laptop. Had considered trying to get a fully hardware live set sorted.)

The MPC Forum is actually pretty good. You have to get over the willy-waving and the fact pretty much every poster has the same attitude as Lili did on here (can be funny at times) but generally found good for quite quick answers and there are some friendly and helpful people on there.

First thing you will likely be told is drop the AkaiOS and get JJOS for it ;)

Yeah I heard about the JJ OS… I don’t feel like playing an extra 100$ for an os for the machine tho.

Thanks, I should have thought to ask over there… meh