Mpc Renaissance

Looks like they’re copying the NI Maschine thing in funny reverse-copy way.

Wonder how much it will retail at. My bets over €600

I would say definitely over €1k

Yeah something crazy like that.
An MPD is around $200 and a Renoise license is less than $100. Simple.

iirc its 2k $ (retail)

Seen from 500-2000 mentioned. 2000 seems to be most common and wont surprise me.

There is also a MPC Studio about to be announced which people seem to believe may be the smaller brother of this, so more against the Maschine in price and specs.

Oversized and overpriced me-too product from Akai. Too little too late IMO other than pleasing the most rabid Akai fanboys with disposable income. Who’s going to want to rely on an Akai DAW software with their dismal record in that department? And the knobs are bunched together like that with only LED rings instead of having the LCD display directly above and below the knobs and buttons like Maschine. It’ll have nothing on the Maschine/Komplete integration combo anyway.

it’s probably not gonna be able to do anything outrageous, that abovementioned combo cant do. plus it doesnt look as cool as the older mpcs… what happened to that grey 80’s cyberpunk vibe? that stuff looked awesome. I want all old akai rack-samplers, I’ll probably never use them (SCSI!!!), but it’ll make my studio look like the control-deck in the first alien-movie. this looks like a dubstep beer-commercial-prop or something, ugh.

that looks sweet but no chance of me being able to buy that.

gotta get to replacing a couple switches on my mpc1000, burnt the up and down arrows out

also probably $1399 retail, gonna call it now. sounds about right

Leaked photo of the MPC Studio:

Energy xt? Awesome! :)

I was thinking that ps3 vs 360 was dumbest shit ever, but I see some people are not able otherwise. Hate is so much fun these days.

Akai deserves props for making the effort but not too impressed with what I’ve seen so far. The iPad app/controller looks interesting though:

The (real) MPC studio was announced today, and it looks pretty sweet:

Now, what I want to know is, does it have a built-in audio interface? Because that seems like the main strength of the Renaissance over Maschine (apart from familiarity to old MPC users). It looks like it has two jack connections, but the specs don’t mention it. If it does have audio, it seems like a great solution for live performance and travel.

The big question is whether the software will be any good. That and the price will probably the decisive factors.

The slim controller looks quite awesome. But still afraid the price will be too expensive. :(

Nope. MPC Nipples has no built-in soundcard. It just has two 1/8" jacks for a MIDI breakout cable.

Oh, I was afraid it was something like that.

But still, I think it looks great, and I’m intrigued by those nipples. I wonder how they feel.