Mpd24 And Renoise Middi Mapping


I tried to connect my MPD24 to Renoise and the only thing that is working are pads. I can only middi map trackDSP and mixer. I went to preferences and everything is checked on, but still nothing works. Any help please?

Do you want to map parameters of an instrument?
Try adding metadevices like the MIDICC device (recommended) or the Automate device (those devices control instruments and you can map midi controllers to those parameters).

Well, I would like to control everything in Renoise with my mpd24 (the same as with the keyboard) Tracks, instruments and so on… even MMC, but I think I´ve read somewhere here on the forum that maybe this is not possible. I am on the iMac btw.

First of all, i’m sorry that you bought the mpd24, because it was one of the most disappointing purchases i’ve made. Pads broadcast notes just fine, but only aftertouch beyond that; As it is, you cannot map aftertouch to anything. This isn’t a renoise specific problem; I’ve yet to see a sequencer that lets you map aftertouch to parameters, even polyphonic aftertouch.

As it is, you can map parameter sliders and note entry to a midi controller. Nothing else. Renoise also does not respond to MMC midi commands (afaik) which the mpd24 blurb makes a huge point out of the unit broadcasting. Neither does Ableton Live for that matter.

I have to say i do wish Renoise let you map widgets on the Mixer page to midi. But it doesn’t. So there you have it.

Yeah, I`ve found out that myself after updating firmware and still nothing. :( Well, I have to say that I have to wait until someone make a breaktrough with his programming skills and make mpd24 do this stuff like korgpadcontrol:

Its a pitty to waste money on something (mpd24) when it doesn´t work ;)

I have the mpd 24 also here, but I dont use it at all atm.
It was the stupidest thing to buy for me, cause I hadnt any use for it. I was more like “hey, maybe I could do some neat tricky things with it” but NO, instead, I had to learn MIDI (which isnt that hard) but I dont see the point of that yet.
If I had the choice now, I would go with the Korg padcontrol.

I have the mpd24, too.
It has some ugly problems, that’s true. Mine is broadcasting random midi signals from the sliders and knobs from time to time. It’s really annoying.
BUT: it’s got the best pads in the world. Those AKAI mpc pads are - in my opinion - the best you can get, and if you don’t wanna buy an mpc, the mpd24 is a good choice, because those are the original pads.

I would love to map the MMC controls to renoise commands natively , but, as has been said before, that isn’t possible at the moment.

(at this point i am happy i didn’t buy it, even if it looked so danged good in the store)
Still no success for anybody?
Not on Linux, Windows, or Mac?
What about the whole put renoise into midi slave state thing?
I can’t understand what wouldn’t surely the mpd must send normal midi
Don’t akai have some support groups?
oh well… best of luck to you all.

That’s the irony, isn’t it. The build quality is killer, the pads are killer. You can just BASH this thing and it won’t budge. But the choice to go with aftertouch is, in short, far out.

The MIDI actually is more stable for me than the Triggerfinger was. I actually own both, but had to get the mpd24 before a show because i needed something that didn’t up and die on me mid show.

It does work with nanonoise ( )
I am using this neat little tool on linux at the moment and it works. But - as I said - a native option to map mmc signals to controls in renoise would be awesome.

So if you run Osx, try out the MidiPipe thing, is there anything able to send keypresses from midi for windows?

And yes native support of midicontrolling all the keyboard shortcuts in renoise would be a huge improvement on the renoise functionality - people have been complaining for years, and I don’t think it’d be that hard to implement either. And on the same subject: I’d love to be able to natively map 2 things to one controller.


well, I hope they will implement these things soon. I really don`t want to wait too long like 6 or 7 years or so :rolleyes: .