MPE Support [Feature request ]

I think as soon as Ableton drops their Push 3 and it has full MPE support this will become industry standard. I’ve seen other old threads on it and get that it’s kind of weird to think how it would work with a tracker interface. Perhaps the MPE parameters could just be recorded as pattern automation and then modified visually, kept off the tracker.

This is more of a Renoise 3.6 future standard kind of feature request. It’ll be everywhere like VST3 soon.


DITTO on that. All that’s needed is the ability for one instrument to receive on multiple MIDI channels, as there are already MPE compatible instruments set up for this such as Surge or Dexed that are free. Is there a way to do this as it is?

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I have an MPE controller and some MPE VSTis that I use in Renoise. It works, but it just doesn’t capture all the information generated. I’d love to have the ability to capture some of that more expressive data for adjusting multiple parameters as part of my live performance in Renoise.

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Anyone have any updates on MPE plans for Renoise?

I’d love if it recorded my linnstrument’s MPE data, or let me sequence MPE synths :heart_eyes: