Mpe Tool + Controller Questions


I recently bought a cheap usb midi controller, wich looks like very similar to akai drum stations (MPD especially). So I took a look on MPE tool.

The thing I just don’t understand, is how to map instruments to the drum pad section ? I mapped easily all the editor fonctions, but the drum pad just play nothing at all. When I select an instrument, I can play it with my pc keyboard, or my midi “piano” keyboard. I disconnect the “piano” midi keyboard, but it didn’t changed anything.

THe drumpad controller is working, I tried it with Gridpie, or external software like Hydrogen Drum sequencer.


EDIT : I finally achieved to play the instruments/samples with the 16 pads. But the problem is that the note played is very short, and I cannot play a pad or long sample, even if I maintain the pad trigged on. It acts as a short ON/OFF trigger, not a “piano-like” key (or even like the pc keyboard key).

edit : I just have to learn to read a documentation. I fiexed the problem changing a preset in my controller menu. There is 2 modes available : immediate note off or “note off only when I release the pad”.

I’m happy. :lol: