[???] mpReverb parameter ranges gone funny

native mpreverb:

The lowcut range is now:

-18dB to 18dB (was 10 to 4999Hz)

Lowcut Gain is now:

0dB to 1dB (was -18 to +18) an out by one bug?

Wet and dry mix only read 10% max rather than 100% max

EDIT: Chorus effected too if not part of the upgrade?:
Depth now only up to 10% from 100% before

May be some more I guess.

Any chance on getting a few more infos here? Seems to work normally when inserting a new instance of mpReverb.

Yep I`ll take a look tomorrow, and narrow down if can.

Very strange, I saved the xrns that I found this in and reloaded today and the parameters seem to be right again…

I`ll keep an eye on this, I was automating lots of random parameters at the time.