mpReverb2 as smear device

I think the mpReverb uses lots of delays to achieve a reverb tail… Maybe using less density, it could also be a really nice sounding smear and stereo spread device. Just a bunch of parameters might be missing then.

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Smear effect (sonic charge echobode) style. Yes!

reverb is smearing

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@gentleclockdivider Yeah it is, nailed it! But, there’s lots of neat reverbs out there. One I really like a lot is the “Synapse Fat Space” from Reason, it has this nice forward/reverse reverb sound, very reminiscent of older Def Leppard tracks when they’d have some instrument/voice up front in the mix. Not the same as the Phil Collins drum reverb, but similar.

The sound is almost like you’re hearing a nice big room reverb, but there’s a suction at the end of it, pulling the sound back into a vacuum. Allows for a nice big reverb and a quick ‘off’ at the end.

@ffx & @Jalex, I’d use the Convolution Reverb (as I do), and then make your own IR from a reverb plugin or whatever you’d like, to create this smear effect. mpReverb2 is a fine ‘small to hall’ reverb, but smearing is not its specialty. Convolution will get you much closer, if not spot on. A lot of my reverbs in my tracks are convolution reverbs, just because I’ve needed something unique that the built-in reverbs can’t do, or don’t have that ‘sound’ of whatever I’m trying to emulate - including halls/rooms/etc.

I meant more like a stereo fx / diffuser thing. Similar maybe to Bitwig’s Blur device, which only uses 4 comb filters or so. So here like let’s say 20 delays very short, controllable with a bunch additional macro controls, like “density” (currently way too dense for that), “time distribution” (log<->lin-<->exp), “stereo distribution” or so. Also currently the mpReverb2 really sucks with the lowest length, then it sounds very statical. There could be some kind of modulation of the distribution of the delays, etc.


@ffx I gotcha. Still, have you tried sampling the sound of it, and using it as an IR for the Convolver in Renoise? I mean, as a short-term solution. I only ask because you haven’t mentioned it yet. Otherwise, yeah, I guess you’re SOL (shit outta’ luck) on this, because it doesn’t exist in Renoise (yet?). It does sound like a really neat effect :slight_smile:

Yeah I find it surprising how the blur device can turn shit into gold. Now some modulation, and its perfect.

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