Mpreverb2 Color

has anyone been able to use the “color” parameter of mpreverb2?

it seems to me that it adds too much color. I cannot even use it at minimum, as it will immediately blur the higher frequencies.

does anyone agree with me?

I actually quite like the colour parameter, I’ve been using it a lot. The difference between the colouring effect being “off” (0%) and “on” (anything above 0%) is a bit dramatic though, I can agree with you there. Perhaps there can be an additional parameter to set the amount of colour which is applied. But I’m not really sure what you mean by blurring the higher frequencies?

Setting the colour parameter to a value higher than 0% obviously enables (or enhances/boosts) some kind of filter in the reverb, and then the parameter itself is adjusting the center frequency of this filter. The filter’s frequency range seems to be approximately 500hz to 3000hz, after investigating it with a frequency analyser such as Voxengo SPAN (Renoise’s master spectrum confirms the same, although it lacks an averaging function which makes it more difficult to use).

If I set the colour parameter to a very low value such as 0.001% and observe the frequency curve, I can see a very clear “bump” appear where some frequencies are being boosted, but the frequencies outside the range of the filter do not appear to be altered in any serious way. I can still hear the original higher frequencies coming through and they sound quite normal.

In this screenshot the darker blue line represents the peak hold from the colour parameter being set at 0.001%, whereas the lighter blue line represents it being set at 0%.

Here’s another one, but with the colour parameter set to 15% this time. The effect of the filter is more obvious here, but you can still see that the filter’s effect slopes away quite normally, and the original frequencies haven’t been dramatically damaged in any way. There are no obvious extra spikes being added or chunks being removed from the frequency curve, for example.

Anyway, those are just my observations.

Use Colour with a LFO :yeah:

thanks dblue for your deep analysis. so you seem to confirm the problem: noone is going to use 100% value, right?

maybe giving more resolution to lower values would be better

That’s not really the point I was trying to make. My post was mainly trying to uncover the high frequency blurring problem which you mentioned, but I was unable to experience this problem myself.

I think the colour parameter’s range is quite nicely balanced overall, and I have no real problems getting the sound I want from it. But just to repeat what I said before, I think a “colour gain” parameter could be useful to control the amount of colour which is mixed back into the reverb effect. I got the impression that you thought the colour was simply too strong by default, and that you’d like to be able to tone it down a bit?

yes, my opinion is that at lower percentages the filter strength is too high. I would like to have a gentler approach, with weaker slope in the lower percentage.

your idea of a colour gain could be confusing, in my opinion, because the colour is a parameter for which other reverbs normally have only one knob; it would also “consume” another parameter.

well, only taktik could give us a final word on this

Ok, then I guess it was just a slight misunderstanding on my part. If there is some kind of slope on the parameter right now, it is so incredibly sensitive that it appears to behave more like an on/off switch. For example, 0% is clearly “off”, whereas even a tiny value like 0.0001% is clearly “on”. In this case I definitely agree with you that a gentler approach would be nice to have. :)

Yeah, the color filter gets turned completely off at 0%, but I really don’t want to change such things anymore. People started to compose songs with the new Reverb. If I change that now it will for sure sound different.

The only thing I could offer, is showing an “OFF” at 0% to make that more clear. Also you have free control over the color by using the Reverb in a send track. The color filters is nothing more than a mid EQ, applied to the wet signal of the signal.

How about showing “OFF” at 0%, and then showing the EQ’s actual center frequency in Hz for anything else? That might be more appropriate?

Done. The gain also depends on the color “amount”, but Hz and Off are much better than just a percentage…