I really want to take this on because of the prizes. The only problem is that…well…

It almost feels wrong messing with that deliciously awesome track!

yeah man … its hard to top such a top glitch producer , definitely at the high league of tipper and spoonbill etc…

Cool, am on this just for ripping the rhodes samples ;)

Ya!!! Me too!! lolol

But i will try to make something great to win something, at least experience!! lolol

:o those prizes…

yep, entering.

Please don’t get mad at me for reviving a dead thread, but I’ve just about finished my remix and was hoping for some feedback:

Maybe everyone else who has entered can post their stuff to!

Edit: don’t mind me, just changing the link to the final version :P

Sounds great Skolskoly :walkman:

My virusscanner has the ip of the contest-site listed as a malicious host.