Mr. Negative - Where The Angels Fly

where the angels fly.

renoise and samplitude are my slaves.

Thats a very psychedelic dubstep, and I like it ;) Good you have your own nice psy style :) Keep up good work :)

thank you so much for the positive comment! Psychedelic Dubstep sounds like an awesome way to describe it! PsyStep for short? Lol or is that genre name already being used?

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Psystep :) hehe you can be first go to patent office :D

this one i made on christmas day. i wasn’t as pleased with it so i didn’t really “promote” it.
we can sometimes be our own worst enemies i guess.

Yeah i know that, but this Xmas is not so bad, but its pretty dry. Add some pads, random fx samples, or some voices like in your previous tracks, and it will be fine.