Ms Excel Stuff

How about adding the CTRL + arrow key functionality to Renoise.

(and speed up the SHIFT + Arrow key highlighting. It is painfully slow right now)



ctrl + arrow does what in excel?

and with the slow speed thing, change the key repeat rate speed in renoise preferences.

Dont you use Ctrl+arrow to switch between patterns in renoise? I do… :blink:

As far as I recall ctrl+arrow keys jumps to the first/last cell in a column or row in MS Excel.

If you want to go to the first/last line of a pattern you can easily use home/end buttons, so there will be no need of ctrl+arrows, but if you mean jumping to the first/last line of a song I’m wondering if it would be necessary at all?

But about jumping to the first/last track in a pattern it could save some time, although ctrl+left/right arrows is reserved by default for changing the pattern no.

keep in mind ctrl+home jumps to first pattern and ctrl+end jumps to last.
handy stuff.