Msi Wind + Renoise

yes, i read that renoise + asus eee pc is not the greatest idea ever
but msi wind u100 has 10" display
anyone has experience with renoise + msi wind?

i have no experience with the MSI Wind.
but in theory, it should cause some problems:

MSI Wind 10.2" WVGA TFT max. resolution: 1024x600 px
Renoise min. resolution: 988x700 px

so i see trouble on the vertical axis.

even if it would work on the smallest size possible… you have absolutely no (or very little) overview…

there is a way to enlarge screen resolution on eee pc to 1024*768
i think msi wind will have some tools for this trick too

i doubt the quality will be anything close to being good.
TFT screens usually already look “blurry” if you’re running a lower resolution due to interpolation, and you even want to run a higher one, which will also involve interpolation, which then has to be done software-wise, as the hardware (the panel) isn’t designed to run that res.
renoise is using quite a lot of “tiny” fonts and texts which cannot be enlarged via option tweaking.

i’m really not trying to spoil your idea… but in my opinion renoise won’t be any fun on a screen being as tiny/lowres as this - but that’s up to you of course.

I bought a laptop for my new school which has a 1280x800 resolution. I can tell you, it’s HORRIBLE. I was used to running Renoise at 1600x1200 and these 800 vertical pixels can’t compete to that at all. A 400 pixel loss of pattern editor makes me sad :(