MT2 Madtracker Support

I have a lot of unused work that can no longer developed using Madtracker,
I was producing Psy I was proud of and it did not get released due to not bouncing down.
It was good work and I still want to release it.,
It would be a shame for some not to have MT2 supported,
I do not want to buy Renoise until this happens as MT2 is now an open source project.

Both software have rewire support, making it possible to sync and route the audio. Perhaps using that is an option?

Also, there must be a way to at least get the note data from MT2 to Renoise which can go a long way?

PS. I would love for Renoise to have perfect XM playback, but at the same time I think it’s better they focus on developing the software with the future in mind :)

Hi OneVolt,

save your MT2 modules as XM files by switching to FastTracker mode and then load the XM file into Renoise and modify it as needed. Renoise can do this even in demo mode so you don’t even need to buy it.

Ok, I laughed.

ME 2

Guys, sight problems are no laughing matter. I would feel offended but I can’t see what you typed, so whatever.

thanks so far :)/>/>

You can always enlarge the fonts of your browser by using ctrl-scroll-wheel up or ctrl +
By all means most platforms come with aids for the sighted so i see no reason why these wouldn’t be set on your machine, thus i have no reason to understand why you would manually adjust fonts on a forum.