Mtldnb Production Contest V.2

MTLDNB Production Contest V.2

Nice sample pack, solid Jamalski vocals to work with, time to mash up the place?

I will.

What the TBA stands for in prizes? :) just curious… <_<

To be announced… I think their trying to get Moog Audio as a sponsor.

They just don’t say in what format the track should be… if it can be mp3 then how they will determine if all samples are used etc…

And if it can’t be mp3 then there will be problem with realtime effects used, vst effects for example…

I’m not sure.

I think these questions are best addressed to MTLDNB.

thanks for letting us know about that lil’ contest.
dunno why, but i really love being limited by sample packs :)

i know why :) It’s because that way you don’t have to worry about sample quality issues etc… u just don’t have any choise…

… and u can simply let your creativity fly :)

i think we pay too much attention to “quality” nowadays… :rolleyes:

I think I’ll give it a try! :)

I’m in too.

I got mine done…
The guy who did the vocals has got some strange timing…

The chorus is going out of line later on…

chop the sample and put it in time. ;)

I did, but chopped it doesn’t sync with the rythm.

then I’d suggest you to take it to Ableton or something, and make use of its warp machine.

It may work but either these guys start to sound impossible or they will be called granny-rappers.

Never mind, i rigorously chopped the thing into 8 pieces.
I’ll just use enough spliffy sfx to cover up the rough cut pieces :P

-> It’s voting time! <-

Anyone manage to get in an entry? I did, It was a good Renoise beta stress test, that’s for sure.

You think so?

I can make Renoise whine harder when i try to load up the EWSO sampler configurations and let them play all together.

2h30m left before voting deadline.

My track was done entirely in Renoise. Can you guess which one? :)


Now you guess mine.

That’s amazing :huh:
Most of the tunes they do NOT feature any speech :blink:

I have no idea… :(

Can you give me a hint?