Mtldnb Production Contest V4.0 presents

In association with and Rinse Magazine

MTLDNB Production Contest V4.0

After a a bit of a delay, we are proud to present our board members with the fourth installment of the Montreal Drum and Breaks Production Contest.

This time around, we have returned to our original format of providing a sample pack put together by our board administrators.

The Contest Rules are as follows:

[01] Must use ONLY provided samples.
[02] Tracks must be between 5 and 7 minutes in duration.
[03] Tracks must be breakbeat oriented. (Drum n Bass, Jungle, Breaks, IDM, HipHop, Trip Hop, etc…)
[04] Tracks must be submitted by FEBRUARY 26th
[05] Must be a board member. If you arent, all you have to do is register. Its free.

We have decided, however, to make en exception to rule number [01].

At the request of board members, and just for fun, the Administration has decided that contestants may add one (and only one) vocal sample, as short or as long as they wish. After consideration, the conclusion was drawn that it would have little or no effect on the production quality and overall composition of each track, which is the main essence of how the tracks are evaluated.


We are pleased that we have rounded up some great prizes courtesy of, Rinse Magazine, MTLDNB.COM, as well as some of our local artists.

First Prize:

The good people at have been gracious enough to provide out winner with a $50 gift card to use on their website. Our first place winner will also receive the 100% Canadian Mixed CDs “The Beat Drops Here” and “Warning”, complied by MC vivid and featuring artists such as Visionary, Caddy Cad amd Montreal’s own Subtone.

Second Prize:

Our second prize winner will receive a one year subscription to North America’s number one resource for Breakbeat music, Rinse Magazine.

In addition, the top five tracks chosen by our judges will receive a prize pack containing:

-One MTLDNB.COM T-shirt
-The Official MTLDNB.COM Compliation, featuring the best of Montreals Breaks and DNB Producers
-CDs from Montreal Artists Hardsteppers, R Cola, Basement Wigger and Zark Behida


There is 2 judging rounds. The first one lasts about 4 weeks when board members are invited to vote for their 5 favorite remixes. We then compile the results and the TOP10 favorites move on to the next stage where they will be judged by industry professionnals.

Our Final Round Judges will be:

Focus of Basic Operations

Flo of DNB Neurofunk baddness duo Phace

Jordan Dare

Winners of past production contest, Dirty Phonics


Sample Pack



All entries have to be submitted by FEBRUARY 26th. We will give you access to an FTP and provide you with a password on request only. Send a PM to Mayday or a staff member when you are ready to upload your track. I will be moderating the duration of the contest and will be happy to answer any questions via PM as well.

Please upload your tracks as 320 mp3 using the following example:


Good Luck!

No mention of VST (either instruments or effects) in the rules there…

Would guess that effects are OK, but sound generators aren’t, as I have seen that reasoning before. Do you know the official standpoint?

and I’m not allowed to register with kazakore as it has ‘zak’ in the name. How geigh is that! :rolleyes:

No VSTi otherwise anything goes and everyone’s on the honor system.

What are the artists around that community and what ‘sound’ / style they prefer (As I read, Montreal Drum and Breaks style, but any more specifics to this?)?
Are there some demo tracks, just to have a listen? :blink:

Check the judges.

Any breakbeat style should be fine but if you are playing to win then club oriented drum & bass of breakbeat is what you should shoot for.

The sample pack is pretty shit. Loads of overexploits that require massive alteration before it gains originality imho.

This would tempt me to cut down the samples to sine and saw waves and make chip DnB

Go nuts.

Or are you all talk?

Ok, I don’t understand the rules in detail!

Can I manipulate the samples like I want? FX post, cutting some drums out, etc.? Perhaps this is a stupid question, but in the renoise contest (as an example), it was more clearly described.
And also consider, with subtractive synthesis (no new samples added, only deducted) you can do a lot!

And what’s about this vocal sample? How long can it be? I could make a complete voice track with one big sample and don’t waste the silence so I still have only one wave. :P

What the hell I should do with this looooong sample in the released pack?
Is this the “right” song style for the result or what?

I hope this contest is not limited to a special kind of sequencer. :panic:


I’ve had a quick read on the mtldnb site and you can do what you want to the provided samples with any vst(fx) at your disposal, or other audio manipulating tools.

The vocal sample can be as long or as short as you want, so you could have a vocalist singing over the entire track if you wanted. Or just a clip from your answering machine if that’s more you thing…

I know what you mean though, with a bit of mangling it’s really not hard to make a sound competely unrecognisable from the original. Will be an idea to keep all session files and mid-way sounds if you are mangling your sound much.

Yes, a sooo long vocal sample is a must have… because without something like this my song gets boring… the samples are not so useful at all. :rolleyes:

I still need more impressions of the music style… perhaps I can make some vocals with my ugly voice… One long sample for the whole track… uiuiui.


This is all talk by now, i have done such thing with an orchestral piece in the past and i have created small songs with sid-sounds as well:…20Orchestra.mp3

So for me there is no more challenge in doing this, DnB is definately not the style for doing this in, it’s one more way to bad advertise DnB and that’s not my purpose.
The sample-pack lacks vocals or speech samples which is really essential if one supplies such dull samples like in the v4 pack.

nuff said.

you thinkin what I’m thinkin mate?


kle-cling kle-cling cling

EDIT: Sorry Connor, this thread has gone a little offtopic…

Back to Mtldnb, count me in.

Even if I would decide to sing something in a big vocal sample, ;)
I still can’t imagine what to sing… And there’s no room for the same again and again because I need to do 5 to 7 minutes which should not get boring.

But DnB, HipHop and all this kind of music is known for their critical lyrics… so I could do that, too.
I would call my song “What Renoise lacks” and criticize all what I can think of… Then I have a lot of vocal stuff isn’t it? :dribble:

One verse could begin with something like this: “Hey hey devs, I want my piano roll now… yeah …yeah… and a new arranger, too… baby!”

:walkman: :yeah:

Is that amen drumloop part of the sample pack? :lol: