MuLab DAW got VST2 plugin version

Yes. At now you can use MuLab DAW with its sequencer and piano roll in Renoise for an affordable price (cheaper than FL Studio). I have tested and worked together seamlessly.


  • you can resize plugin window
  • there is a sync button in plugin that allows to start in sync with the main DAW - Renoise

My God what a great job they have done here!!!Thanks for the heads up.Does it accept audio input so say to record vocals?

It’s just one guy from Belgium :slight_smile:

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Not sure about that. I haven´t tested yet. But you can of course record audio in Renoise, save to file and open in the MuLab plugin.

I am not MuLab user, but I like what is possible now. For those who want a full featured sequencer and pianoroll inside Renoise tracker this is the very nice and relatively cheap way.

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