Multi-column note entry

In old DOS trackers: Basically, the cursor goes to the next “multi” marked channel/track (typically noted with a “M” below it) when entering a note, making it easier to add smooth arpeggios that span several channel. Kind of like holding shift while entering notes, except the cursor goes down by the edit step value, and wraps backward to the first “multi” channel when it reaches the last one.

Since Renoise can have multiple columns per track, i’d very well picture a similar feature that cycles the cursor between the visible columns of the current track upon entering a note.

An even better version of this feature would let the user mark/unmark columns individually, and possibly spanning multiple tracks, which would give a feel just like the good old ST3 days =)

Kindly, esaruoho has added this into his Paketti tool.

“Column Cycle Keyjazz”

Here it is in action. No need to hold shift, just enable Column Cycle Keyjazz, and start entering notes.


He means that when you hold shift and enter notes, that the cursor already jumps one edit-step down on the next column instead of trying to create a chord on the same line.

Um, nope. This multichannel edit thing doesn’t require you to press shift. If you do hold shift, it still behaves like it normally does (entering chords) even if some channels are marked multi.

…at least in Impulse Tracker, Schism Tracker, etc… In ST3 chord entry is a bit weird.

Then the Column Cycle Keyjazz in Paketti does the job.

Yes and I meant, that even though I’ve used shift for entering delay,volume,panning,fx commands… I didn’t try using it for note entering until I saw this topic.

PS it would be awesome if it could work with Note Off too.

By default:

CTRL + SHIFT + CAPS (Note Off Row)

CTRL + CAPS (Smart Note Off Row)

But yah, holding shift and pressing caps would be nice too.