Multi Columns/Tracks Edit On Renoise


I am betatesting the v2.60 of Renoise. I think that new little option must be added.

The screenshot is here in MilkyTracker :

1°) I enable the mode “Editing” in the multichannel option.
2°) I do “mute” on all channels except 1st channel and 2nd channel.
3°) I am in mode edit (spacebar).
4°) I edit notes and step-by-step, the notes are edited in the 2 first channels like :

1st note in 1st channel
2nd note in 2nd channel
3rd note in 1st channel
4th note in 2nd channel

In the next version of Renoise v2.60, Renoise Team could add the edit mode in “multi-columns” and/or “multi-tracks” please ?

Thank you for your help,



Script it!

Hi Suva,

Lol ! In the forum, I answered people for coding the script car I am not a coder… So, I don’t know if anyone could create the script. Now, I hope that this USEFUL option (I used it in FT2 & Milkytracker) will be in the final version 2.60 of Renoise. For me, I don’t understand always why this option isn’t made since the version 2.00 of Renoise :frowning:

Thank you for your help,