Multi Midi Keyboards?

I have two midi keyboards and I want to use both of them in renoise at the same time.

I can choose one by one in renoise, but I wonder if it is possible to use each midi device for a specific instrumement.

For example the first midi device to be my Drum Kit Bank and the second midi device to be assigned in another instrument which it will be my melody instrument.

Thanks :)

Sorry, it is currently not possible. But it’s on the big list :)

Can you please explain this abit further, I’m maybe stupis but I do not quiet understand what you mean. I can use multiple midi-devices in renoise without problems, the only thing I can not use is multiple input devices.

twilek said

Midi Keyboards are considered as Input devices :)

The issue is that I cannot use two midi Keyboards at the same time having each midi keyboard playing diferent instrument.

If one of your keyboards support “Local Control Off”, you can play the instruments in Renoise through that.

oki, thank you, then I understand ;) I am stupid :D