Multi-out aliased plugin output muting?

Hey folks,

I’ve been setting up a large template in Renoise with a few instances of Kontakt. I’m going the aliased route per group (1 kontakt for strings, another for brass and so on).

I’m noticing a problem that crops up every now and then, an output (currently on the brass 5/6 output) is not sounding in Renoise. It’s showing as producing signal at the instrument level, and on the Kontakt internal mixer but is not hitting the Renoise channel.

When I route the instrument to, say, 3/4 or any other output it hits the Renoise mixer. When I quit the project and reload it the problem goes away. Later it might crop up on a different instance of Kontakt and on a different output.

I’m a bit baffled, anyone else out there experienced similar problems?


yes, I have experienced unexplainable silencing of some channels with Kontakt. I cannot remember if it was with channel 5/6 precisely, but I have always assumed this was a bug in Kontakt, since multioutput section is the worst part of Kontakt and generally a nightmare to use; also, it seems to be the only VST with such a problem in Renoise. I have no experience with other sequencers so I can’t say for sure it’s a bug in Kontakt anyway.

I also cannot help in suggesting a solution since I haven’t found it

Thanks for the tip - I’ll try to dig around for some information on problems with Kontakt itself then, maybe I should just download the latest update from NI and see if it all just goes away … Hardly likely, granted ;)

Renoise performs so much better than other DAWs that I don’t find it worth the trouble of using Kontakt’s super-buggy multi-out. I can see how it would be useful for keeping things nice and tidy…but at this point I’m just happy that I can run as many instances as I need without the machine falling over.

I really love Multi out features if they work. Fortunately, East West plugins work fine with those options. (And they should be:they are real memory hogs)