Multi-out Vst

I know this has been talked about before and I tried to do some search, but I would absolutely love it if Renoise supported multi-out VSTs. I was thinking of simple ways to do it, and I realized a really easy fix would be to have the VST locked to a track (as it used to be) and then just have a Virtual Device that works somewhat like the AutomateDevice, but you basically just pick a VSTi and an output, and then you can just insert audio into a device chain with that.

I’d like to add a vote for this feature. I wish that Renoise had better audio routing and mixing capabilities. Just exactly how to accomplish this I’m not sure. But I’ll try off-hand to think of something real quick.

If you had a mixer tab/part of the page… Hmm, it seems like renoise needs to bust out of the everything locked and processed soley through the track. Maybe having track effects internally behave more like send effects. Like if the instrument slot, was it’s own stereo mix channel, and when it’s triggered on track01, it gets routed to track01 effects, or trackXX effects depending where it’s triggered. Then VST instruments could get their own audio channels for the instrument slot. Then it shouldn’t be to much more difficult to appropriate multiple out’s then. And a mixer view would be nice so you can see a little better what’s happening.

Did you see the screenshots of Digital Performer 5?…wplugs.jpg.html

Would it be too much or too difficult to have a view such as this across a part of the screen giving a quick overview of all the audio channels? One thing in their article I liked was that they suggested it’s a good thing that software copies/rips the good features and ideas into their own design.

I realize renoise is “just” a tracker, and it is already powerful and sounds great just as it is. But it would be nice to be able to load something like Battery or GURU and set up different assigned channels and seperate processing on drum sounds. I know there’s work arounds like seperating the samples on each channel and doing the processing via channel fx section and there is a group send function so maybe choosing drum processing is a bad example.

But it would be nice if there was some more flexibility in the audio routing and mixing controls. I dunno I never really liked the default trackscope view on trackers. It lets me know sound is on a channel, but it seems mostly distracting IMO, when you have 32 going it seems more like visual noise than useful info.

So anyways, I dunno how difficult that will be to impliment or if it’s planned. But something along those lines would be nice. I hope that’s intelligeable to make some rational sense and not a massive blob of wtf lying in a puddle on the floor. Thanks… and I’m looking forward to the already announced new features that are coming.

–edit: Oh yeah, Another thing that would be kind of cool, is track grouping/folders…
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Isn’t this kind of routing already possible with energyXT (VST) being loaded in Renoise?

I don’t know. I saw a few messages, you are running around advocating energyXT as a solution to everything it seems to me. Last I checked I’m on the Renoise forums and not the energyXT forums. :rolleyes: I looked at eXT before, it looked a little convoluted and complicated. I’ve read some ppl are not completely happy with it, and it costs more $$$. So I think for me, I am still looking for solutions that are integrated into Renoise.

Maybe I am fantasizing to much about using plugins like kontakt or guru. Maybe it’s over thinking things… I dunno. I looked backstage, and it seems the top voted request was some sort of mixer view. I trust and respect the developers most because they are intimately familier with Renoise and can truely understand how well an idea will or will not integrate into the program architecture.

I don’t think it would be too hard to add a multi-out vst support. Renoise already has virtual VST mode which takes a pre-loaded VSTs. Extend this further to choose the VST loaded but an output channel.

So for Kontakt loaded, you’d see
Virtual VST - Kontakt - Output 01
Virtual VST - Kontakt - Output 02
Virtual VST - Kontakt - Output 03

… etc.

Of course all mono VST outputs would need to be piped to stereo to work properly.

Making sense? or am I talking nonsense?

Sure, I even use energyXT for couple therapy. B)

But seriously, why should Renoise developers bother to implement features that other 3rd party plug-ins already handle? I would personally prefer an improvment on the pure tracker essentials, building more bridges to 3rd party developers (sync issues, etc) and in general focus more on the stuff that really matters in the long run.


I think this is an important feature to support. And shouldn’t be difficult to implement.

Because it’s part of VST standards and Renoise is a VST tracker. Besides it’s basic signal routing that any professional audio software should support. You shouldn’t need to rely on a 3rd party plugin to take care of something that should be natively supported.

I’d love to be able to do this without having to load up 16 copies of the same VST to get the same effect. That’s just crazy. For this reason alone I still have to rely on Cubase SX to do anything professional which is a shame because tracking comes naturally to my way of writing.

Sometime in the not too distant future I hope this makes it into the core engine. I would even pay again to support coding this feature in.

It seems like this is really needed when working with VSTs like Kontakt2.

Tried Senderella with these devices? You can use Senderella to send audio-streams to VSTIs, possibly it might work to receive as well.

No it won’t work - yes I’ve tried it to make sure.

The problem is inherrant in Renoise’s internal routing from the parent VSTi.

Imagine a VSTi with multi outs (Kontakt for example). It routes it’s output through Kontakt OUT (1&2) (Stereo L&R). This is what Renoise is hooked up to. However, Kontakt is capable of setting an output for each voice. So I could put drums on another patch and output it to Kontakt OUT (3&4).

Renoise needs a way to choose which output to get from the VSTi.

All Sendarella does is very similar to what the **SendDevice device does. It takes the current input from the VST and allows it to be piped to another copy of the VST - possibility to transfer audio between VST hosts this way? However since there is ONLY 1 input from the VSTi in the first place Sendarella only gets audio from that 1 input.

Basically what is needed on Renoises’ side is the ability to assign a VSTi output to a Renoise Input on the VSTi/Virtual VSTi.

It should be a relatively easy code fix. There are examples of how to get VSTi outputs in open source VSTi hosts. Look at Psycle for example, that does it fine.

Currently the problem that occurs with this is that when you have a multi-timbral VSTi, you can’t mix the outputs in Renoise, they all get piped through ONE output so if you reverb the main channel it affects all sounds. The only way to overcome this right now is to load up multiple REAL instances of the VSTi.

We need this:

12 34 56

Basically needs to become

12 34 56
^ ^ ^
|| || ||
12 34 56

has any developer ever said a word about this issue ?

im thinking to “migrate” to renoise…but i can only do that if i can use all the instruments im already used to…so i can feel at home the same…without having to get used to another sampler i.e… my drum machine is battery and for that i need multiple outputs…each drum channel of battery needs to be processed in differerent ways and for that multiple outputs are needed in renoise… sure you can tell me that renoise’s sampler is much better integrated in the tracker and all…ive used fast tracker 2 in the past so i know…but still, i want battery… im VERY used to it by now…

My 2 cents for a fast and easy way to solve this :

Make it possible to route the Multiouts to different Sendtracks.

My only need for this would be Battery, to send the different drums to different channels, so I would be happy if I could use one track to trigger the drums and then have the different ouputs routed to several sendtracks to process them individually with different FX.

The Problem with EnergyXT is that you can use Multi-Out-Vsts, even use the different outputs to be processed with different Effects, but automating those Effects is horrible and it all gets mixed down to a stereo-stream in the end anyway.

Two words: GO MODULAR

Multi-IN VST support is also v. important.

For instance, a synth VSTi which also accepts audio input for vocoding.
or similarly a vocoder VST fx which also accepts MIDI note data to control a built-in synth…