Multi-outs Vsti Support

What do You think about multi outputs vsti support?

what do you mean send to notes from one pattern to different VSTs
or send vst sound to different effects?

I mean send VSTi sound witch multiple outs to different effects or channels. For example Kontakt or Battery has 16 outputs.

we think it is an important missing feature which should be added, but currently we don’t know when it will

ohhh you mean at in buzz you can move one vst to different lines.
yes it is needed. but

ROUTING, ROUTING and ROUTING again. I’ve been missing that in Renoise for a looong time now.

As Renoise is now, I can only work with pre-mixed, pre-compressed, pre-produced parts (which I am forced to do in programs which support routing, like Buzz and Tracktion)

Really hope this feature will make it into version 2.0 (honestly i was kinda expecting it in 1.9 as an absolute must)


Me too… Hope they can manage to fix this sometime soon.

Even an input device for the additional outputs of a VSTi would do :):slight_smile: :)

I recently tried a ghetto-solution :

setting up a multi-out-vsti in energy and sending the different outputs to different renoise-channels using Senderella ( It doesn’t work though, audio is crackling like mad and setting different buffer-sizes doesn’t help at all.
I also forgot filing a bug-report for that, I just realize.

multible out: this sorts out the trouble with many vst’s like sidechain compressors and vocoders to. :\

hmm was just wondering if this could be overcome by using JACK… Gotta try that somewhen. I really need the multi outs because I’ve got a Virus TI that does not even allow for multiple instances of the plug.

yeah, kind of “router” (like in energyXT or Buzz) would be cool =)

029 : but jack does not offer a VST-Wrapper or does it ? because that’s what you would need here. (I am refering to using energy as VST though, never tried it with a standalone approach.)

aha yeah… So it’s not worth the try then :) I was thinking about using energy xt as vst… Good to know :)

That’s strange. That is exactly how I do it. I use EnergyXT + Senderella for sidechaining…
I think Senderella should be placed in the DSP chain where you need it, not on a send track.

I don’t know Jack

:rolleyes: pun intended