Multi Sample Instruments

i’am not able to create multi sample instruments.

the helpfile does not provide the help i need.

i just want to create drummaps or those things.
with “generale drummaps” not possible, nothing happens after clicking on it.

or i’am just stupid?

I think you are not stupid :slight_smile: I had this problem earlier myself.
Here is how it goes:

If you load a sample you can see the name stated 2 times
in the upper right instrument bank.
If you select another slot in the one below, and dont change the instrument above you can add another sample.

It’s a little abracadabra, i know, but play a bit with this.

soon as you have entered more than one sample in a instrument you can click the ‘generate drum map’
or click on one of the piano keys while you stand on the sample you want to assign to that key.

Good luck

To expand a little on the good doctor’s advice:

There are two boxes in the top right hand corner, both starting with a 00 row. The top one of these is your instruments, and the bottom one of these is the samples each instrument is associated with (up to 16 samples can be loaded for each instrument).

1) Click on the instrument you want to modify in the top box in the top right hand corner so it’s highlighted (such as the 00 instrument row, or leave it the way it is if it’s already highlighted and you’re happy to use that instrument). When you’re highlighting instrument and sample rows, click on the row next to the number rather than the number itself.

2) Click on one of the sample rows in the bottom box in the top right hand corner (such as the 00 sample row). It’ll already have one highlighted - just leave it if it’s already highlighting the one you want.

3) Browse to the sample in the DiskOp browser, and double-click on a wav file (or equivalent) from the DiskOp browser to load the sample into the currently highlighted sample slot (note that the name of the sample will also appear as the instrument name if you haven’t already given the instrument slot a name - don’t let this confuse you). The sample slots rang from 01 to 0F, although only three are visible at any one time. You can scroll up and down through them by using the bottommost + and - icons.

4) Load samples into either some or all of the slots by selecting a different sample row and double clicking on a wav file from the DiskOp file browser each time. (Remember to highlight a different sample row each time, or you’ll just overwrite the contents of the currently selected sample row.) When you’re done, it’s time to assign these samples to different keys.

5) To assign samples to different keys, click on the “Instr. Envelopes” tab. There you’ll probably see a keyboard laid out before you with a ‘0’ on every key. What this means is that the sample in slot ‘00’ has been assigned to play on every key. You can change this by selecting a sample slot other than ‘00’ in the sample box (the lower box in the top right corner) such as ‘01’ so it’s highlighted, and then clicking on the keys of the onscreen keyboard which you want triggering the sample in slot ‘01’ for that instrument. After clicking on a few keyboard keys like this, you’ll see the '0’s for these keys are replaced with '1’s. This means that playing that note will trigger the ‘01’ sample. You can then highlight another sample slot (say ‘02’) and assign that to keys etc.