Multi track recording

Hi, it is possible to record live more than one instrument simultaneously? I want to record performances programmed in 3 midi track of my 3 keyboard connected to 3 soundcard input on 3 different instruments!
If it is not possible, it will be in the future?

This vst plugin seems to be mentioned from time to time, and I think you can probably load a few instances, set them up to record, and give it a go as a workaround…

At the current moment Renoise is a not a native multi-track daw. If you need a multi-track daw, you should consider buying one…

I do not know if Multi-Track is in Renoise’s future… Would be nice… maybe… Sometimes, things are meant to be the way they are, and when we change them, we loose their intended purpose a little…

Regarding live recording, options are indeed pretty limited, but the OP didn’t said he wanted to record live performance.
You can add a line-input device on each corresponding track and then connect each audio output of your controlled Midi device to the corresponding line-input device (i assume you connect the instrument audio out to the line in device of the track that controls that very instrument).
You can set options on the line-in device to incorporate the fact that you record from an external device, thus some latency compensation is applied.

If you render your track to an output, the audio will be recorded.
Though rendering happens in silence, so if you also want to record live performances on instruments like guitars or whater you control manually, this part is not possible unless you indeed use the Voxengo Recorder plugin lined up after the line-in device at which you hooked up your instrument to record and play your song live.

ok, this work good. it will be wonderful if automatically place each recorded track on new instruments, and assign new tracks with these instruments playing from the beginning of the song!
thanks very much