Multi Vst Input-/output-routing

I’m sorry. This has probably been discussed at end earlier, but unfortunately I couldn’t participate at that time and my searches came up with all sorts of weird stuff so I’m going to approach this again:

I just downloaded and installed the Compressor/Side Chainer Compressive Lite/Pro. As I’ve never really tried to chain stuff earlier I was baffled as how to make the plugin behave as I wanted it to. My assumptions tell me that the plugin works by taking two stereo inputs, let’s call them #1 and #2 for simplicity’s sake, and letting #2 affect the output of #1 (or the other way around)

So, we should be dealing with one instance of the plugin, correct? How then do I tell Renoise to send the audio to this plugin?

If I placed the plugin in a send-track, what it would receive would be ONE stream of audio data no matter how many other tracks I redirected to it, am I correct? So I’m assuming (again) that I’m either blind, or stupid, or both… or that Renoise doesn’t have the feature required to do this properly.

I was thinking that the #Send Device would be my hero – that Would make sense after all, wouldn’t it? – but no. Curiously enough Renoise seems aware of the fact that this plugin has 2 stereo inputs and 1 output; the little questionmark on the effect box shows 4 inputs and 2 outputs… but that doesn’t really help me :P

Anyone know how to tackle this?

Am I not making sense? :\

Maybe I just missed the obvious…? In any case, I’d be really happy if you could help me with this one…

Since I don’t use the technique of sidechain in my song, I cannot help you in detail though… :unsure:

Unfortunately Renoise doesn’t support such audio routing yet (still on todo list). So users do various workaround for using sidechain plugin so far. It has been talked many times in this forum. You can search them by inputting “sidechain” (you had better use “More Options” search function in this forum).

At this moment in time, maybe you also need to use energyXT-VST or something else which can route audio signal freely.

Maybe I was blind when I did my searches. :\
Anyway, I’m not really looking for a side-chain per se, but a way to route audio signals directly to one of several in-ports of a VST effect (or instrument I guess; there’s bound to be some VSTi that uses incoming signals)

The problem, I believe, lies in that in Renoise effects are always associated with a track. If it was possible to create an instance of a VST effect without associating it with a specific track, it would then be possible to use a #Send Device to pass signals to a specified port of that effect.

I just struck me that this would call for a method to “routing out” signals from said VST and back into the Renoise track system…

edit: I think I managed to miss your point -_-
Thanks for the tip but using energyXT is not an option for me. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait :)