Multiband In Renoise

Hey everybody!

I was just working with Renoise again after a long time :) and I always wanted to check out a “selfmade” multiband compressor using only Renoise. Most of you probably know already how this can be done and prefer “real” mastering plugIns for that.
But I made my little test though cause I was just too curious.
So, if there is anyone who wants to check out this little experiment and give some comments, then get this little file here.

Hehehe. Pretty elaborate setup you’ve got there.
Here’s a much easier way to achieve the same effect.

Cool experiment though.


I also did this excersise once, here is how I did it… I think making good use of renoise bulit ins are way more rewarding than downloading yet another plugin, ofcourse sometimes it is hard to reach their quality, othertimes it is really not a problem though :D

  1. Set up 4 send tracks named: cmp, low, mid, high
  2. In cmp add three send devices.
  3. Route send devices as follows
  • Keep Source, Reciever Lo
  • Keep Source, Reciever Mid
  • Mute Source, Reciever High
  1. Add a filter3 device to each channel
  2. Set filter types to “Butterworth 8n” and tweak like this:
  • low LP, f=0.3 kHz
  • mid BP, f=0.8 kHz, Q=0.4
  • high HP, f=2.0 kHz
    (may require some tweaking depending on input sound)
  1. Add a compressor to each send track
  2. For each instrument track you want to process add a send device like this
  • Mute Source, Reciever cmp
  1. Play track and tweak the compressors to suit your sound
  2. To have some fun with it try some of these tricks
  • Add a distortion device before the filter in Low
  • Add a phaser or delay device in Mid or High channel
  • Add more mid bands if needed

“You don’t have permission to access the requested object. It is either read-protected or not readable by the server.” :unsure:

same message here :blink:

Not helping people on linux. It’s easier if 3 bands is enough. Sometimes you might need more.

It’s nice to see how the interest in compression has risen three years later.
Yes, the link is dead by now because I had uploaded that file to my university’s webspace when I was a student ;)
You can download a newer file which uses and demonstrates the same techniques.
The old file can still be downloaded here.

Right, the butterworth filters that are built into Renoise by now make things a bit easier.
Just like TMT mentioned, sometimes you might need more than three bands but it’s good to have a manual for a basic version, too. Good job, nxpnsv.