Multiband Send Device, Solo & Deleting Tracks

If I solo a track with a multiband send device, and then delete a track that is one of the receivers of the multiband device, the solo mode will be lost. Could Renoise automatically re-solo the track?

It would be imo also nice, if the multiband send device would should the names of the three target tracks instead “Amount” 1-3, just like the send device.

What do you think about it?

If you delete the destination of a send, the send device gets muted, because it simply can’t send it’s audio to somewhere - with or without solo. So this is expected.
The only thing we could do in this case is either muting the send, or setting the destination to some other send track. I don’t think this is what you usually want though.

Ok but that’s not true for the multiband device. I would prefer that solo stays untouched, no matter of content of the solo’ed track.

What about the naming? Do you think that’s more consistent?

Probably. But let’s delay such “probably”, “maybe”, "would be nice"s to a later release, and try to concentrate on showstoppers and big issues for the remaining 2.8 beta phase please.

If you don’t mind I’ll move this to post to ideas & suggestion or the 2.8 discussion forum.

Of course, thanks.