Multiband Send issue

Hi, so I’ve been enjoying Renoise and amazed at it’s potential, have a ton of tracks on the go :slight_smile:

Going deeper, I’ve been following this tutorial video for making drum sounds from scratch. All was going well, but hit a wall halfway through with the effects Sends.
in the video, he maps 2 x sends to another to combine them layering some noise on a bass kick.

Basically I seem unable to get both Sends playing at the same time. At first I thought it was because he was using an older Renoise version, so I used the newer ‘Multiband Send’ instead, but the same problem occurs. :thinking:

In attempting to troubleshoot/ test I made a new song and DID actually get all the Sends working. But then a couple of steps into recreating where I was going, I’m having the same issue. The send Split isn’t working, and only getting a signal to one or the other - selecting both Send 3 doesn’t function.

I realise this is maybe venturing way past beginner questions, but hoping someone may be able to see if it’s a bug, or if it’s me and I’ve misconfigured something?. I’m attaching a file which is a start again version of where I was going with the tutorial, and the error is occurring. Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

sends test Dropbox - sendstest.xrns - Simplify your life

are your sends routed to master (in the mixer)


Yes, and I hear the sounds of each as output, but the Send Split isn’t letting both signals play simultaneously.

I having a look at the project now, you are using a single cycle DC offset waveform. Perhaps there is not enough spectral content for the multibend send to work on properly. If I rapidly play notes I can get the second send channel to register the sounds barely as pops and clicks.

I added keytrackers to both ring mods and reorganising the sends worked - I just dont think the Multiband send had enough to work with.

Thanks for having a look at it :+1:. Yea that makes perfect sense.
Not sure about your configuration there, as you have the split sends different to the original, but maybe the only way to get it to work. Strange as he is only using the DC in the video and it seems to have enough output. Anyway, yes in practice, can see there’s a signal there but maybe the DC not enough.

On testing the theory further though, it does seem strange that the Send isn’t pushing to one of the channels properly. I’ve stacked up some tones instead of the DC.

If you play the sound of channel 3 from the Split (channel 1) it sounds a lot quieter / weaker than playing it solo’d by itself.

Surely, it should be the same sounding signal? even if weaker. Sounds different to me, like half of it is missing.

Hear example…(tone 1 muted. Select between tone 3 and the Split to compare)

I will have a look later.

Apologies for the mess of a file I uploaded, I just wanted it to work. The routing ended up different as I deleted the original initial FX chain.

The quickest fix is to initially send the DC Offset sample into a Ring Modulator where the full range of transpose is controlled by a key tracker. Then you have a much more tonally distinct sound to work with. The MTB send can then be set up to apply whichever EFX you like per frequency band.

I’m happy to be shown a better way however and my take isn’t definitive by any measure.

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Ok, I seem to have solved it :slight_smile: by tweaking the settings of the Multiband Send I could begin to hear both tone sounds, and messed about with that, until I could hear equal levels from both. I’ll do some research in due course as to what those settings mean.

here’s the settings I’ve used… (the Fast FIR seemed to give the best results)

I’m also attaching the Renoise file for reference :slight_smile:

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