Multiband send: small sugestion

There are five crossover modes. Leave just one for the best results (LR8?) so novices wont be confused. Or make it default one.
Or anybody uses different modes?

Yes, it’s actually sometimes nice to “blend” effects across the bands with lower slope filtering modes. The LR8 works ok for “hard seperating” the bands. Like it is mixed together after the split anyways. It can make transitions softer expecially when stuff like distortions is used. Banded distortions is my new everything.

But most of the time I use indiviual normal send devices, and filters on the receiving channel to control bandsplitting. Found this easier to control, also for overlapping. I presum the buttorworth 4n and 8n filters seem to work just like lr4 and lr8. And you can crop back the output of the effection afterwards with a duplicated filter. Another version of mine is sending without limiting the band, effecting it, and limiting the bands of the individual results before mixing together.

The sinc modes seem somewhat useless to me, though…seem to pass a lot all around, instead of just attenuating gradually.

I mainly use steep FIR (wish it were much steeper though… :c) it’s linear phase and if you sum the sends together, regardless of the frequencies, the output will be the same as the input (minus the low pass filtering at 22khz)

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it was you who removed loop fine edit, didn’t you?! :c

That’s right, linear phase filters (FIR) are expecially useful when a signal is mixed back together at later point with frequency bands overlapping, or even with the unprocessed original signal. I remember once ago (not with renoise though) it drove me mad when I tried to mix together outputs of unfiltered and filtered (also eq) signals with such overlapping, and got pretty evil phase cancellation mayhem always resulting in kind of muffled sound. But maybe it was worsened by those filters not compensating their delays or the like.

But I think the FIR filters in the multiband just won’t chop it right, they pass too much content of the frequencies that should be blocked away. With distortions in the game I just don’t get the results I’m trying to achieve.