Multichanel Midi In Rec


i found one problem that i can’t fix…

i use my portable sequnecer on the move, when i come back to the studio i want to record it to Renoise.
The problem is renoise only record 1 intrument at a time.!. Only the selected instrument can be recorded via any midi in…
It means it is not possible to multichanel midi in recording in renoise.

i want to record it on the fly, from the box to renoise, anybody has an idea?
i know tranfer midi files and load back and so on… but renoise can handle midiCC’s from midi files - as i know, and try -

thank you

It can record multiple instruments, but only one track at a time… that’s not true, you can also use the track assignment here:…ings#MIDI_Input

Simply use the same midi device on each instrument you want to control, but set your device to broadcast on different midi channels. One midi channel per instrument.
But also remove that midi specific device from the MIDI master inputs in the preferences, else the midi device will only control the current selected instrument!