Multichannel Recording?

FT2 had an option Multichannel Recording so you can spread the notes in many tracks , I couldn’t find this option in Renoise.

Why I want this.
I have a demo song playing on my midi keyboard and I want to record the notes in Renoise so as to change it a bit.
Because I couldn’t find an option in renoise to record to multi tracks I said ok lets try it with one track and many patterns , The result was a HUGE MESS!!! Renoise couldnt handle this demo song because notes could not fit in one track.
So I need to use the multichannel recording or MultiTrack Recording.

Thanks :)

its called keyjazz now because one track can have more than one note-column. there is no need to spread notes to several tracks anymore.

I think I found something… maybe a bug…

When I load a WAV sample or a VST Plugin so as to play the Demo Song based on that sample, Renoise didn’t write the notes correctly in the track.

It was EXPANDING the track column until it reached the maximum length!!!

I tried to do it again without loading a sample Instrument just to record the notes without hearing what the Demo song was playing and Renoise wrote the notes CORRECTLY in the track without EXPANDING the Track.

You can’t play a chord without keyjazz.

hey, I didnt invent the word, I only tell you what its called. And isnt this something from FT2 ? Or am I wrong here ? (havent used FT2 for years)