Multicore Experiences?

so its been a couple of days and i’m wondering what you lot with multicores think.

how many cores have you got?

which os are you on?

and whats it like running renoise on multicore now?

i’ve been anxious to upgrade my P4, maybe skipping the duocores and going straight onto the quadcores later this year so i’d appreciate your experiences.



in an ideal scenario, i get a speed-up of the factor 1.9 (rounded) with my core2duo.
as soon as you send multiple tracks to one send channel or work with huge DSP chains, this factor degrades.
in a “realworld scenario” (ie. an actual song of mine) i tend to get speedups around 1.4-1.6, which is still remarkable in my opinion.

quadcores are already there at affordable prices (the q6600 has dropped to a very affordable 235€ here just recently), but i’d rather wait for intel making the move to the smaller 45nm DIE structure (ie “penryn” and “nahlem”), which will generate way less heat than the current quads with their TDP of around 105 Watts, which is 1,61x as much power as current core 2 duo CPUs consume.
i’m also having the electricity bill and of course the environment in mind there.

cheers for the info keith.

1.4-1.6 is still quite a nice jump.

i’m not really in a rush to upgrade yet so yeah i’m taking the whole wait and see approach. and less heat would help quite a bit where i am too.

my room is already the warmest one in the house :P