[???] Multicore Support Loss (One Cpu Detected Only - Sometimes)

Renoise 2.5 seems to lose multicore support randomly. You start it up and suddenly it has only one core available for processing. The other core seems to come back after a system reboot but then may be lost again after a restart of the program.

Both cores appear to be visible and operational in the Task Manager just fine.

If you could please post your Log.txt, it is often very helpfull to the developers!

to send use the log file:

  • Help => Show the log file
  • copy and paste it here

-What are your system specifications?
-Do you use CPU energy saving options on your computer?

Thanks for asking about the log file, here it is.

Here is a quick screenshot of the situation:

The configuration is this. The operating system is 64 bit.

All the power save options and throttling down are off but I’ll have a look again.

Wow. This is strange.

Rxn: Could you please double check the energy saving is disabled for the CPUs. Can’t explain how this else could happen.

The BIOS on my system is a fairly messy business, but from what I can tell, all that stuff is off.

I just started the program again, two cores are available now, but only one is selected. It is normally like that after a fresh reboot, but eventually one core goes.

Ver. 2.1 seems to have the same problem.

here it is a post from another user having similar issues with Windows 7 64-bit