Multiinstrument With Master And Slave Instruments

Good to know RenoiseInstrument become more options.
But here another idea to get the same result in another way.

Think of one instrument, which is the master of another instrument/s. Or in other words intruments could be linked to a master instrument which controls these slaves.

The instrument bar could have a view like this:

So you can play with one key more than one instrument.

With a special option it should be possible to join these instrument to get one RenoiseInstrunment (RNI). So you need no special editor to create your instruments but this would be more handy instead of an external editor.

What do you think about ?

I quite like the idea… although I’m not sure how this would sit with any planned RNI improvements.

how would you select which slave instrument should be played from time to time? this just looks like a way to trigger more than one instrument with a single note, not really a multilayering implementation, which is instead what you asked here

If this means velocity you are right, but this will come with the new RNI.

No. Both ideas have different effects, cause an instrument can have filters, eq and VST so on. And single sample sounds like it sounds.

Well I also think it would be nice to be able to create group instruments that are able to trigger more than one instrument at once.

But why not use the sample slots under a instrument.
When you create a multiinstrument. Instead of loading samples you connect the slots to different vsti´s.

Btw it should acctually work the same with sample based instruments. IE you connect the slots to samples in a sample bank.

This way one can resuse the same sample but in different instruments with different instrument settings like attack etc.

You could also combine samples and vsti´s in a single instrument.

Thanx for these advices splajn.
I think a grouping of instruments is easy to code and will have a big effect. And the best, I think, is the combination of RNI with multilayered samples and instrument groups.