Multiline_text does not recover its size by reducing scale

R3.2.1. W10
It seems that the API has a problem with the multiline_text. Steps:

  1. Create a window tool with text written inside a multiline_text (I use font=“italic”).
  2. Renoise scale = 100%.
  3. Open the tool already created. You see the text with the size correctly. Do not close the tool window!
  4. Renoise scale = 200%.
  5. You see the text with the size correctly. Close the tool window!
  6. Renoise scale = 100%.
  7. Open the tool window. Problem: the text remains at 200%. It does not recover the size to 100%.

If the tool window is always open, this does not happen. I don’t know if there are similar problems. Until this is resolved, the text can be restored by restarting the tool with “Reload all Tools”.

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