Multiline textfield and setting text

I can’t put text into a variable :frowning:
I load the text from the textfield and save it in the document .

> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <ReSpeak doc_version="0">
>   <pitch>50</pitch>
>   <kapitals>10</kapitals>
>   <voice>1.0</voice>
>   <amplitude>100</amplitude>
>   <word_gap>3</word_gap>
>   <text>"Hello"</text>
>   <language>25</language>
>   <speed>175</speed>
> </ReSpeak>
> vb.views.text:clear()
> vb.views.text:scroll_to_first_line()
> print("Load: "..ReSpeak.text.value)
> vb.views.text.text = ReSpeak.text.value

but I can’t load it back. it is still NIL :frowning:

This should work just fine. Probably the id “text” is used for something else and not set to view that you’re expecting?

the issue has been resolved.
I had a notifier there that caused it.
I had no idea that the notifier is triggered by every character entered.

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