Multiple Audio Devices

I’d be interested in seeing multi-audio device support, particularly multi-input device support.

This would be really handy for switching between various inputs rapidly without having to go through preferences. In my use case, I have an apogee one. There’s an annoying software utility you have to use to switch between line and mic input. I either have to use that utility to switch inputs on the apogee one, or if I want to use my mac’s internal mic + apogee one for line input - go to renoise preferences, to switch between the two audio devices.

i too would like multi-device input support. oh, and some control over the sample recorder so can set it to record from a specific input per track.

Agreed, I use 3 soundcards.

yep. and, future posters, please do NOT simply post “get a better OS that can do it”, building an aggregate sounddevice in OS X for instance leads into serious latency issues. It would be swell to have Renoise support multiple inputs from multiple soundcards.

How about get a better soundcard that can do it?
I have one soundcard that has rack device with multiple inputs.
I personally don’t consider it correct to ask software developers solve issues you have with your hardware.