Multiple Automation Lanes

Hello folks,

I’m not sure if this topic has been discussed, yet,
but I really really wish that one could view and edit multiple automation lanes in the same window

The problem:
for fx programming it makes sense to have a view of 1…n automation lanes in on window,
because one can easily compare and modify correlated curves.
That’s possible in most horizontal oriented DAWs.

So far I always have to switch the curve e.g. for filter cutoff and then switch e.g. to filter resonance,
but mmmh how did the filter cutoff curve at position 48 look like ? Damned can’t remember, switch back to
filter curve. Switch to resonance curve and so and so on.

This is not funny and pretty time consuming !!

Why is it on one hand possible to view and edit multiple “note-value” tracks in one vertical big window,
but on the other hand not possible to view and edit multiple automation lanes in a horizontal window ?

I suggest: let’s make the automation editor resizeable and capable of viewing and editing of multiple
automation lanes.

would it be useful to have them on top of each other, with some transparency? like in photoshop, where you have several layers visible, but only edit one at a time?

I’d like both ways… the option to open more “envelope views”, and for each of them the ability select the displayed parameters, one of which is the currently edited one.

(btw I think the DSP panel would benefit from vertical resizing as well)

Been suggested a few times, some with mock-ups of what it could look like, and something I would really like to see added.

Current renoise interface has the potential and flexibility of becoming much more integrated. I suggested easy-to-implement features ages ago that could widely enhance the interface:…c=13434&hl=

I still wonder why such simple yet useful features are disregarded by devs.

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