Multiple dsp selection (w/o breaking lua)

Would be nice if renoise supported multiple devices selection for:

  • dragging / copy multiple dsps within the mixer without loosing connections
  • dragging devices into a doofer without loosing connections

You could introduce a second state besides “.isSelected”, like “.Is selected multiple”. So lua scripts logics wouldn’t break here. Multiple selections could be only possible with mouse and only for copy/drag/delete operations. The first dsp would hold state .isSelected +.isSelectedMultiple and all others only . isSelectedMultiple.

It’s quite annoying to rewire in many places, only because renoise doesn’t support such a standard feature.

Can you think about a solution that will improve workflow and not break lua Tools?

proper way is ti distinguish between selected and active dsp.

you may have multiple dsp that are selected but only one that is active.

multi selection would be nice but i think thats a request for the future releases