Multiple Files Error "bug"? 1.261

Hi, I just started with Renoise and I’ve got a problem with rendering track to multiple Wav files.

Renoise ic creating the Directory: trackname Rendered, and then, everytime I hit Render button it creates a sub dir… I changed track name in properties due to the thoughts that may be the problem with file name, but it happens all the time.

It looks like this:
Drive Letter:\renoise Rendered\renoised Rendered\renoised Rendered\renoised Rendered\renoised Rendered […]

What am I doin’ wrong?


the same here, rezist… I think it’s a bug, and I hope it will be corrrected in 1.27 version… <_<


Goddamit, this was the one of the most needed functions… I don’t know how the rest of the guys got no problem with this multiple rendering :(

I installed 1.27 RC1, nice changes… but this render still doesn’t work well… what the heck?

Argh!!! Think, I found something…

When I was tryin’ to render RNS file (propably done on earlier version) I received error about existing file or wrong file name…
So I loaded XM file and… works fine!


I have no such problems at all, probably it is something wrong with the particular song-file, send that song to Taktik and he will take a look at it.

You’re right. Must be something wrong with file. I’ve done some tests with latest RC and everything runs smooth (If I create new track).
Thnx for suggestions.

Over & out :)