Multiple Instruments On The Same Key?

Hi all, Just wondering if it is possible with the new beta to play more than one instrument at a time on the same key so for example, track one would have notes in it but two separate instruments with their own individual fx would play on the same note. I know we now have multilayer samples but i feel it is a bit limited because you can not add/adjust fx per sample in realtime.

Well with notes in one track you are never going to have separate effects!

I believe the MIDI side was updated to allow you to assign a channel to a particular Instrument and Track, plus to more than one Instrument if desired, so if using a MIDI keyboard you may be able, with the computer keyboard I don’t think so. Or am I mistaken and this was only a suggestion?

It’s really not that hard to use the Advanced Editor section and Copy/Paste the track and change Instrument number though! or Scripting if you so desired.

Actually with Samples you can just assign them to same Key Range and same Velocity Range so even easier there now. Still unsure with VST/Instruments in general but as I said I thought I remembered somebody saying you can via MIDI at least.

Thanks, i suppose a midi loopback driver for a qwerty keyboard may do the trick then.

Oh, forgot to say this is 2.7 Beta only, so if you’re not a registered user you’ll have to wait for the Demo to be released.