Multiple lfo tool

i like so much to automate everything to get new exciting sounds with llfos. but the process itself is so boring. can i possibly do something like this in lua? get device params, choose which to automate, setup one automation chain of lfos and multiply it to the list of parameters? i don’t know lua at all. maybe some other software will be more interesting for this?

  • formula device

i’ll explore, thanks.

i don’t see how it can be helpful here, sorry. can you elaborate? or maybe my explanation was too vague?

What do you mean exactly? Can you give an example of the procedure?

Do you know the hydra device?

yes, i know it, but it will give not too different randomization.

ok. now i work with multiband distortion saturn2. i put lfo on ‘band dist amou’'t, then i put lfo on amount of that lfo, frequency of that lfo, type of that lfo. next saturn2 parameter is ‘band crossover frequency’ - procedure is the same. saturn2 has many parameters and i automate it that way. boring procedure, but sounds are great for me.