Multiple Master Midi Clock Outs

Renoise currently allows a single device to be chosen as the destination of the midi clock and start/stop controls. Seeing how many midi devices these days have built in clock-able components as well as onboard sequencing, it would be very useful to have more than one destination given the popularity of hardware these days.

A couple of ways to solve this:

  1. Allow multiple devices to be checked under the midi preference page
  2. Add a checkbox next for midi clock and start/stop under a midi instrument’s settings

I’m sure I’m not the only one who would enjoy this feature!

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yes, please add multiple clock outputs and the option to disable latency compensation for individual midi out clocks, so you can use it to sync renoise to other software on the same machine and hardware.

I mainly want this, because someone was nice enough to add midi clock in to ORCA after I made the request :smiley:

I still don’t understand why there isn’t a “transmit midi clock” per midi out/channel in Renoise. What if the synth I’m sequencing has built in effects like delay. Wouldn’t you want to send midi clock to make that delay sync? Another thing would be syncing internal arpeggiators in a synth. Would be nice to have that sync’d too. And finally, synths with built in sequencers, that needs midi clock + run/stop.

Pretty much every sequencer I can think of has either a global transmit clock and run/stop on every out/channel, or per out/channel.

This has to be useful to lots of others who are not 100% in the box Renoise users.