Multiple Midi Controllers?

I have recently purchased a Korg Nanokontrol MIDI controller for use with my live setup. I like the MIDI controller well enough except for the fact that I wish it were bigger and had like twice as many buttons for solo/muting and for triggering patterns on the pattern matrix. Thus, I have realized that I really should just buy another Nanokontrol and use two at the same time. My question is simple. Does Renoise allow you to use multiple MIDI controllers at the same time and have them both mapped to control different things?

Yes. Use midiyoke and midiox.


You can merge all your controllers into 1 midi stream in midiox and then send them out to a midiyoke channel. In renoise set your midi input (in preferences) to said midi yoke channel. Boom! You’ll have to have midiox open alongside renoise, but thats not a problem.

Did that make sense? I have all 3 korg nanos plus a standard midi keyboard controller all working in 1 instance of renoise happily together.

Of course if you’re only using the 2 korg nanos then you can skip all the midiox/midiyoke stuff and simply use each nano through its own renoise input (there are 2 slots in the preferences.)

You will have to make sure your nanos aren’t sending the same midi CC’s. You can use the korg editor software to specify those.


Don’t forget to read the bold line first :lol:

Yeah, see I remembered there being two MIDI inputs in the preferences. I simply wanted to make sure they would work the way I thought they would before I went out and bought another MIDI controller. Thanks for the info.